Thursday, January 5, 2012

Famous Firsts Week: "Vengeance for a Fallen Gladiator!" by Fleisher and Garcia-Lopez

FAMOUS FIRSTS WEEK keeps rollin' on! Today we're headin' back to the wild, weird west of Jonah Hex, who finally graduated to his own mag in December 1976. And what a first issue! Written by regular writer Michael (The Spectre) Fleisher with art and cover by the amazing Jose Louis Garcia-Lopez..."Vengeance for a Fallen Gladiator!"


  1. Just looking at the thumbnails gives you a sense of the skill of Garcia Lopez's layouts and composition.
    At such a relatively early stage of his career.

  2. This was the first time I got to see this story. I knew of Jonah Hex but didn't know Jose Garcia Lopez drew him. He was one of the under-rated artists of the seventies. I don't know why but he should have the super-star status of George Perez and John Byrne in the 70's. Like George and John, he was a top notch artist!



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