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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Groove's Faves: "Tumult in the Tower of Time!" by Wolfman, Gan, and Marcos

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! A year ago today we rapped about Skull the Slayer #2, so today we're gonna rap about ish #3! Ol' Groove had no intentions of making this an annual gig, but that's the way it goes sometimes, huh? Anywho, Skull #3 (October 1975) is creator/writer/editor Marv Wolfman's final ish and does he ever go out with a bang, baby! The Tower of Time went a long way in explaining what was going on in Skully and company's world, plus it left lots of room for all kinds of future adventures. This was also Steve Gan's final ish as penciler, though he would return to ink new permanent penciler Sal Buscema in Skull #6. The art in the ish is great, as usual, but the differences in Marcos' and Gan's inking styles is jarring for a couple of pages until you get back into the flow...

Cover art by Ron Wilson and Frank Giacoia

All-in-all not a bad swan song for Wolfman and Gan, but even better things were waiting for Skull in a couple of issues under Bill Mantlo and Sal B. Stay tuned! Mebbe Ol' Groove won't wait another year to visit Skull the Slayer!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weird Worlds Week! Groove's Faves: "Gods and Super-Gods!" by Wolfman and Gan

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Every wanna get away from it all? Just take off to a place unlike anywhere else you've ever been. Just plain ol' get lost? That's what we're gonna do with WEIRD WORLDS WEEK! We're traveling out of this world, under this world, and to world's we can only dream of. Are ya ready? Got everything packed? Then, c'mon!! Our first stop...The Bermuda Triangle!

Ya know, Ol' Groove loves, loves, LOVES Skull the Slayer. It's one of my all-time fave mags. Then why have I only done one single post on 'im? I dunno. Call me crazy, but I wanna do something about that right now! From Skull the Slayer #2 (August 1975) (featuring Action! Dinosaurs! Lost Lands! Cave Men! [and] Aliens!), here's creator/writer Marv Wolfman and artist Steve Gan with..."Gods and Super-Gods!"
Cover art by Gil Kane and Tom Palmer

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black and White Wednesday: "First House: Earth!" by Englehart and Gan

Y'know, Groove-ophiles, sometimes yers trooly has to wonder where his head is. I've done several posts about Star-Lord and how much I loved that character/feature. I've posted a few of his later tales and about his greatest moment at the hands of Christ Claremont/John Byrne/Terry Austin, but I have yet to share his debut with ya! How nutso can ya get? Well, today is the day Ol' Groove makes up for that outrageous oversight!

Star-Lord, created by one of my all-time heroes, Steve Englehart (based on the name created by then-editor Marv Wolfman), was intended to be the headliner of his own b&w sci-fi mag. I know this 'cause it was mentioned in the Bullpen Bulletins at the time, and Star-Lord even showed up on the list of subscriptions in Marvel's ads during early 1975. Stan and the higher-ups decided to nix that idea (Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction was on its last legs, after all, and Star Wars still was a couple of years away), so the origin story, with art by Steve Gan (with assists by Bob McLeod), would eventually make its debut in their b&w try-out mag Marvel Preview #4 (October 1975).  Now, I'm not gonna try to expound on how Stainless Steve created seemingly psychotic Peter Jason Quill and his star-spanning alter-ego; he does a fine job of  that on his own in the mag's intro, so I'm including that with the story itself. I just wanna tell you that Englehart's Star-Lord changed the way Young Groove would look at comics from that point on. It shed light on what guys like Steranko and Eisner had been saying for a while: comics could be SO MUCH MORE than super-heroes. See for yourself...
Cover art by Gray Morrow


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