Monday, December 31, 2018

Lo, There Shall Come Endings! "The Legion of the Black Orchid!", "The Black Orchid Conspiracy!", and "Will the Real Black Orchid Please Stand Up?" by Fleisher, Carley, and Carrillo

Happy New Year's Eve, Groove-ophiles! We're continuing our tradition of sending the old year off with the finale of a comic we've been sharing during the waning year! This time we're going with our unfinished look at Black Orchid. We had three tales to go featuring our mysterious femme fatale, so here they come! Let it be known that these tiny yet titanic tales are Ol' Groove's "Happy New Year" to ya all! Written by Michael Fleisher (with script continuity by Russell Carley) with art by Fred Carillo, here's the wrap-up to the Groovy Age Black Orchid, with all the cool art and story twists and turns you'd expect! From Phanton Stranger #39 (July 1975) here's "The Legion of the Black Orchid!"

Followed by "The Black Orchid Conspiracy!" from Phantom Stranger #40 (September 1975)…

And here's the actual finale from Phantom Stranger #41 (November 1975)…

Happy 2019, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove'll be back with more surprises by and by and now and then. Until next time, make every day great!


  1. Robert Kanigher was the better scripted on this feature. Fleisher is surprisingly childish in this 3 parter. Perhaps the editors perceived that a younger audience was reading this title (even though the femmes all have 'painted on' costumes which leave little to the imagination).

    An interesting premise, but in the end just another tease. The reader does not get one iota closer to learning anything new about the main character.


    Chris A.

    1. Correction: scripter (not scripted)

  2. who cares about the writing, with that yummy Fred Carillo art!

  3. This whole storyline was recycled from a Dick Sprang era Batman adventure.Which was a shame as it rendered the Orchid as just another 'costumed crime fighter',in her earlier stories she had more mystery.

  4. It was the end of the line until the 1988 reboot, so I guess it didn't much matter.

    - Neil



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