Friday, September 4, 2020

Happy Birthday, Walt Simonson!

 Walt Simonson's birthday was this past Wednesday. If you ever wondered how much Ol' Groove loves the handiwork of Walter Simonson, just check out any of the 66 (this will make 67) posts he's featured in here on DotGK! There's a reason the Marvel Bullpen nick-named him "Wondrous"! Here's a huge pile of spectacular Simonson masterworks for you to ooh and ah over--then go check out all those other posts to give it all some context--and yourself added joy! Happy 74th, Mr. Simonson! Groove City loves you tons!


  1. So glad he found his soulmate in Louise. They have always been a pleasant presence together at cons. His creative soulmate was Archie Goodwin and they produced magic in tandem, whether Manhunter or Temple of the Spider (a personal favorite of both). It's a shame the Doctor Fate tryout for First Issue Special was unsuccessful. It was definitely one of the best things he ever did. Still ooh and ah over the artwork 40 some years later.

  2. Such awesome stuff!! It's weird to see a page of Batman (like Detective #450 "Cape and Cowl Deathtrap") that I haven't seen in 45 years but recognize it instantly and get that same awesome gut-punch of greatness afoot! Happy Belated Birthday Walt Simonson!

  3. Great images. Simonson is wonderful.

    Love seeing the Battlestar Galactica page, I loved that book.

  4. Wait. He worked for Gold Key on Twilight Zone? Never knew that until today!

    1. Yep! And you can read all the of them, 'cause I've posted them here on the blog! 😊

  5. His superhero art was great, but he was CRIMINALLY underused as a fantasy/Sword and Sorcery penciller in the '70s. What coulda been...

  6. Hey Groove, sorry I've been away so long-I am currently embroiled in teaching middle school online. Man, you made some great choices here! I have already shared my serious love of that Dr. Fate tale, so I won't bore you. No, today I would love to state my undying love for the Rampaging Hulk magazine. At the time, it was so very different as compared to any other Hulk stories that were available since the character's premiere. Walt and Alcala made for a really interesting art team, and were perfect for the material, even the dopey "bird-lady" stuff. It all had its charm, and the covers (especially the Earl Norem ones) just blew little John's mind.
    I would also stress a couple of other titles that are in the Art of Simonson book: Hercules Unbound was a lot of fun and was the heir apparent to his work on Manhunter, stylistically. Metal Men was as goofy an idea as ever, but was so beautifully rendered as to make the stories essential. Great stuff!



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