Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Groove's Faves: "Seawinds of Change!" by Gerber and Heck

What it is, Groove-ophiles! I know a lot of ya didn't dig it, but Young Groove really flipped out over the new threads  Reed Richards created for Prince Namor in Savage Sub-Mariner #67 (August 1973). While I never could figure out how a dude became "savage" by actually putting on more clothes, I thought the dark blue suit was much more regal and dynamic than those old scaly green trunks. Leave it to Mighty Marvel to spend an entire issue explaining why a super-hero gets a new costume (placing an entire race into a chemical-induce coma and plugging in guest stars like the FF and Triton of the Inhumans) as part of the plot), and then only let him wear it on the very last page! Still, t'was an exciting tale of triumph and tragedy that Ol' Groove still gets a kick out of. What do you think of Steve Gerber, Don Heck, and Frank Bolle's "Seawinds of Change!", Groove-ophiles? Here 'tis in all its glory (minus extraneous sub-plot pages)...
Cover art by John Romita


  1. Count me among those who like the blue-vest suit better than the Speedos (except for the glider wings - I really don't like those). In fact, my very first super-hero Slurpee cup featured Subby wearing this suit.
    By the way, who designed it? I'm assuming Romita, but does anyone know if Heck had any input?

    1. I seem to recall Roy Thomas (maybe in a letters page?) say that he and Romita designed it based on an old Bill Everett design. Does anyone else remember reading that?

    2. Your right Grovvy one! So is Edo Romita SR indeed designed it. I haven't read this issue in decades! But I'm sure your correct on the rest. All this issue needed was Charlie the Tuna!

  2. You can also count me among those who prefer Namor in the blue suit -- love the yellow veined-wings, even if they are impractical. I also am pretty sure the Jazzy One designed this costume. When I reviewed this on the BAB, I made the comment that I even think Romita drew that large panel where Namor first slips into his new duds. Any takers on that notion?


  3. I'm sure your right also Doug. I'll have to ask John, it's been awhile since we talked anyway.

  4. Wow! Never knew there was a scientific reason for Subby's blue suit! I always thought he had that hanging in his closet! LOL

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  5. this was one of my favorite Don Heck stories and I have fond memories of reading it back in the day, sitting with my beloved dog, Cinder, on the porch on a hot summer day. Cinder is long gone, but this brought her right back to me. Thanks for posting it, Groove!

  6. I heard back from Jazzy John Romita at noon today. He indeed confirmed he designed this new suit for Subby. All by his lonesome too. Move over Mr.Spock! You wannabe!

  7. Bolle over Heck - werks fr me... plus Subby's super-funky leather digs - this is what the groovy age is all about - and he can never swear revenge on the world too often... Don't Moog - back Foog!

  8. I thought the dark blue suit was much more regal and dynamic than those old scaly green trunks. Also it looks more functional for an underwater race,to wear something like a diving suite for clothe.it's often called Prince Namors Battle Armor.Whatever,it looks way better the lazy swimtrunk some people think look better-only because they were first,which is not alway the best in this case.Beside my character Prince Eric Khorum Rhann wear something similar.



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