Monday, September 9, 2013

Random Reads: "Til Death Do Us Part!" by Edelman, Milgrom, and Austin

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here's the fabulous follow-up to Marvel's Captain Marvel #50 (which you can read here), "Til Death Do Us Part!" from Captain Marvel #51 (April 1977). Marv's battle with Thor-villain Mercurio, the 4-D Man is kinda cool, but the really neat stuff are the "minor" bits with Marv and his "side-kick" Rick Jones trying to figure out how to have real lives on earth. Scott and Al also put the Marvel Universe to good use with a quickie Avengers appearance, a funny J. Jonah Jameson cameo and the return of the Teen Brigade (from the Silver Age Hulk and Avengers series). Milgrom provides some cool action sequences and Austin's inks make it all look properly science fictiony (whaddya mean that ain't a word?).


  1. After seeing ol' Marv be somebody else's punching bag so many times (Thanos, Nitro, the Hulk, the Controller) it's nice to see him put a little hurt on somebody else for a change. Especially the 4-D man, who was always a jerk. Still, I've always been a bit vague as to what the extent of Mar-vel's powers were, exactly. It seemed like he was usually outclassed (well, Thanos, yeah, who wouldn't be) but seemed to out-smart or wear down his opponents. But I guess that's one of the things that made him cool. I loved he out-foxed the Super-Adaptoid in the issue before this.

  2. Speaking of Captains, is their a chance. We could see Capt.Canuck here oh wise Groovster? SHAZAM!

  3. Picked this on up at a con a while back. It filled a hole in my collection which is always nice but I thought the story was underwhelming.

    1. I wouldn't argue with you there, Mike -- I wasn't in comics long enough to figure it all out and get good. But I'm glad that hole in your collection is now filled!

    2. It must be the fault of the coloring.



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