Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thanos Week: Funny Stuff (?): "The Cat and the Cosmic Cube" by Sullivan, Siporin, and/or Salicrup, Mortimer, and Esposito

Behold, Thanos' shame, Groove-ophiles. Ol' Groove knows that you know, Groove-ophiles, that some humor is intentional and some is not (yers trooley proves that quite often here...). One has to wonder about stories like "The Cat and the Cosmic Cube" from Spidey Super Stories #39 (December 1978). Yeah, the mag was written for kids (young kids at that), but c'mon! Had writer(s) Nick Sullivan, Michael Siporin, and/or Jim Salicrup (we're not sure which one--or which combo--actually wrote this story) EVER read a comic with Thanos in it before they wrote this crazy comic? Thanos is in a helicopter (complete with his name stenciled on it) chasing The Cat (actually Patsy Walker, Hellcat, but that name was NOT going into a comic produced in conjunction with Children's Television Workshop, baby) who somehow has the Cosmic Cube (that's "Tesseract" to you young'uns) in her possession (is there a prequel to this story in another issue and I missed it somehow?). So surreal and silly--intentionally or not? You be the judge! Art by the regular SSS team of Win Mortimer and Mike Esposito...
Cover art by Al Milgrom (and Mike Esposito?)

Don't worry. Thanos gets his dignity back tomorrow, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Man Groove, this is better than Squirrel Girl beating Thanos! You always have stuff nobody else would ever have! And that dog reminds me of Lockjaw from the Inhumans. Thanks for these Thanos posts.

  2. I still have a few of those "Spidey - electric company" comics from when I was a kid. They made comic so accessible to new readers.

  3. At first I was thinking they were going to do Red Skull vs SpiderMan/Cat but that went too far for Standards & Practices.. so they redrew all the Red Skull as Thanos. Then I realized this would have been after the Thanos being on a lot of comics last year so it makes more sense... of course the fact that Spiderman talks in an Electric Company thing makes me wonder if they had ever watched the Electric Company Spiderman :).

  4. Dude you rock! How do you find these treasures?! Anyhow I would hav e preferred Sad Sack v Thanos on a Thursday but this will do! Though I dare say Richie Rich could have been a fair foe for Thanos???

  5. Best Thanos Story Ever!

  6. I was such a Marvel zombie that I even bought Spidey Super Stories. Also, due to the fact that I would watch Electric Company with my youngest brother.

  7. If I were Thanos, I too would have my own personal helicopter with my name written on the side.


    1. Whats stopping you getting one anyway M.P.?


  8. Good thing Thanos took the time to have the helicopter spray painted with his name. I wonder if Avengers #4 will end with Thanos being led away by the police.



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