Thursday, April 19, 2018

Funny Stuff Two-Fer: "Now and Then" by Skeates and Cardy and "A Perfectly Crazy Crime" by Skeates and Aragones

Steve Skeates again, Groove-ophiles? Sure, why not? After all, Sir Steve is an old pal and one of the greatest writers of the Groovy Age (an award-winning fan-fave if there ever was one)! We've seen him this week with Jim Aparo on Aquaman, now let's look at some of his Plop!-ular "weird humor" tales with great artists like Nick Cardy and Sergio Aragones! From Plop! #4 (December 1973), here are "Now and Then" and "A Perfectly Crazy Crime!"


  1. Nick Cardy was equally adept at drawing comedy as he was drama.

  2. Plop was one of those titles that was truly ahead of its time, I remember being heartbroken when they cancelled it.

  3. I remember Plop #4. To me, that was the best one of the series from cover to cover. Just loaded with great stories and art.



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