Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Decent Comics: "The Bloodspear" by Michelinie, Chan, and Boyette

Salutations, Stalwarts! We're back with the third issue of Claw the Unconquered (June 1975). While many say (and I doubt I'd argue with 'em) that Claw is DC's Conan, the world Claw lived in is not a very  REH one. "The Bloodspear," for example, features a centauress (bet the Comics Code censors had a heart attack every time they turned a page with her on it), lizard men, a magic spear, and giant, carnivorous slugs. It also has the extremely unique art team of Ernie Chan (still using his "Chua" nom de plum) and Pat Boyette. Makes me wish we'd gotten to see that same team in reverse on something. The mind boggles. But Ol' Groove doth digress. Tremble before..."The Bloodspear!"


  1. Long hair covers up a multitude of sins. Also a possibly unintentional reference to Yahoos and Houyhnhnms in the "other centaurs are just animals" segment.

  2. Although I've read or at least sampled virtually all of DC's other fantasy/sword & sorcery titles of the Groovy Age, I've never had the pleasure of reading CLAW before, so thanks for making these available, Groove! These aren't just Decent Comics... they're Great Comics!

    1. I beg to disagree. Claw was fair to middling at best.

  3. Those oh so convenient long hair cover ups on the centauress. Betsy Ross also used them when she became the Harpy.



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