Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thanos Week! Comicbook Scenes Ol' Groove Hopes Will (At Least Sort Of) Be In Avengers: Infinity War

Wow, is that a mouthful of a title or what, Groove-ophiles? Still, that's what we're gonna look at today. Ol' Groove has picked through all the Groovy Age appearances of Thanos and these (in no particular order) are the scenes I HOPE we'll see in Avengers: Infinity War in some form or fashion...

Thanos' twisted love of Death has GOT to be part of the story. Hopefully this particular scene will come to life on the big screen!

Thanos and some of our heroes floating in space on rocks would look so cool, but Thanos commanding a fleet of alien-manned starships is a must!

Thanos' imprisonment of Kronos would look soooo awesome on the big screen, wouldn't it?

Okay, this is two pages, but Drax vs. Thanos in a psychedelic battle is something Ol' Groove would definitely flip to see!

Thanos sending an entire building shooting off like a rocket at some of our heroes! Drax is already in the movie (although he doesn't fly), so Mar-Vell could be replaced by the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel or Star-Lord while Thor or Iron Man would be cool in Drax's place!

We've GOTTA see Thanos speechifying in front of tons of cosmic machinery, right?

Again, Ol' Groove knows that this is more than one page, but we've GOTTA see a slobber-knockerin' smack down of epic proportions between Thanos and Avengers heavyweights like Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Vision! Of course that would lead to...

...The Avengers captured and imprisoned by Thanos! Replace Thing with The Hulk and Beast with...Ant Man? Dr. Strange? Hmmm...

Spidey freaks out when he witnesses the power of Thanos! This scene will actually work better with the younger, less experienced movie version. And it's a sweet lead-in to...

...Spidey saves the day by releasing the Ultimate Avenger who will defeat Thanos! Now, we know the Ultimate Avenger won't be Adam Warlock (sniff), so my money is on...The Vision to fill that role.

Whaddya think? Is Ol' Groove asking for too much? Too little? Am I just ka-razee? What other scenes do you hope to see?

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! My brother-in-law The Badraven came on-location to Ol' Groove's kitchen to include me in a round-table discussion about the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movie for his YouTube channel! We, along with my MCU-loving niece and nephew, share our guesses about some of the things that we think might happen in this week's blockbuster, including a discussion of  scenes we'd love to see in Avengers Infinity War. You can watch the video by clicking here...dare you view the visage and hear the voice of Ol' Groove? Click this link!


  1. Time-Mind Sync-Warp!
    Great post Groove.

    Other scenes? Since you asked, I've always loved that splash page that introduced the In-Betweener into Judo Jimbo's seemingly little remembered short run on Dr Strange...


  2. Another awesome post! They should have adapted Avengers Annual 7 and marvel two in one annual first and then later followed with Infinity war! Keep these great posts coming!



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