Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Decent Comics: "Challenge to the Black Orchid" by Mayer and DeZuniga

We're back with the second Black Orchid mystery, Groove-ophiles! This time, our mysterious heroine takes on piracy, 1970s style! From Adventure Comics #429 (June 1973), Sheldon Mayer and Tony DeZuniga bring us a..."Challenge to the Black Orchid!"
Cover art by Bob Oksner


  1. Tony DeZuniga imbued his panels with such beautiful artwork. They lift what would be an ordinary strip into the extraordinary, casting film noir shadows everywhere and overlaying the Orchid with uber-sensuality. I sure miss his presence in the comics field.

  2. I love the classic looking illustration style, however that costume is so bizarre even for the 70's.

  3. Dear Groovy one. Could we please see the third and final installment of the stunning Black Orchard by the iconic Tony DeZuniga? Thanks! Keep up the Epic work!

    1. You bet, Mike! And after that I plan on running the back-ups from Phantom Stranger. Lots more to come!

  4. I remember seeing this as a teenage boy. BOY Do I remember it!!



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