Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: Michael W. Kaluta Original Shadow Art

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove has been truckin' around the interwebs stealing acquiring scans of some super-suh-weet Mike Kaluta original Shadow art. Feast your eyes, baby!
Issue 1 cover prelim

Model sheet circa 1977

Seriously, Ol' Groove tips his kreeblah to all the original art posters!


  1. This comic gave me my love of the pulps, went back and started reading the Shadow, Doc Savage, Justice Inc. The Spider, etc. Still on the lookout for old pulp issues I haven't read.

  2. The Shadow was the highlight of Mike Kaluta's career. Don't know how he's been earning a living since as there's been so little output in recent years. The best artwork of he ever did was one of the first things published: The Coming of Gaghlan from House of Secrets # 87

  3. Wow! And thanks! Kaluta Shadow was always fav an I actually recall buying it off the spinner at the local grocery!

  4. Anyone know why Kaluta's legendary run on The Shadow was only 2(?) issues?

    1. It was actually 5, nos. 1 - 4 and no. 6. Mike was meticulous and slow, which made keeping deadlines difficult. He even had Berni Wrightson pitch in to help him finish off one issue (the resulting teamup is beautiful). He did a graphic novel of The Shadow for Marvel in the 80s but teaming him with Russ Heath was a mistake, in my opinion.

  5. Kevin I am with you! Somehow Kaluta's Shadow combined with Steranko History of Comics which has a large chapter on pulps made me into a pulp fan! I ate up all the comics you mentioned featuring pulp characters!

  6. I am blown away by those Kaluta pages! You certainly have made my day! Thank you!



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