Friday, August 7, 2020

Marvel-ous Stuff

Happy August! How about for a change of pace, let's plant our peepers on a good, old-fashioned pile of  Marvel-ous images? 

Can you dig it?


  1. What is that Marvel Spotlight (1979 series) #12 cover?

    1. Yep, in all its unpublished glory! And you're welcome, Darci!

  2. Groove, your love of the Warlock saga is showing. How can any Groove Age reader not love the stuff Starlin did back then (and for that matter, still continues to produce)? Here is a startling admission for me-I never read and still have never read the Howard the Duck book, other than one story I caught in a reprint because of the "Dreaded Deadline Doom". Would you recommend it, and if so, which ones?




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