Saturday, January 17, 2009

Those Groovy Saturday Mornings: Birdman and Mighty Mightor

Saturday mornings used to be so great! Remember fighting with your siblings over which show to watch? Three networks? No cable? If you do, then you're gonna love these comics, originally published in Gold Key's Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes #1 (April, 1968) with art by Disney legend Mike Arens!

First up, here's Birdman in "Duel at Dawn"...

Now, check out the Mighty Mightor as he "Battles the Vampire King"!


  1. I really dig comics based on 70's animation, and manage to scoop up a few each year from comicons I attend. One of my prizes from last year is a mint condition Valley of the Dinosaurs...remember that one groove miester?

    There is just something about the elegance, and simplicity of the line that draws you into the panel. Look at the top panel of page three... I just love it... and I can't even truly say why.

    Good stuff man... far-out!

  2. I dig where you're comin' from, Mitch! The storytelling is clear, the characters stand out from the backgrounds (backgrounds that give you just enough information to let you know where the characters are without giving you sensory overload), and the figures look truly heroic.

    And yeah, Valley of the Dinosaurs will be showing up here, along with lots more Saturday Morning splendor comin' at'cha!



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