Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Forgotten Batmen: "A Clue Before Dying!" by Pasko and Garcia Lopez

One of the absolute best, yet most criminally underrated of the FORGOTTEN BATMEN is J.L. Garcia Lopez. His beautiful, classical, realistic style was perfect for The Batman, yet he only drew a handful of stories. Garcia Lopez is best known as a cover-artist and as the designer of DC's "style sheets" of the late 1970s-80s used for most of DC's merchandising. Here's a rare full art job (pencils and inks) from Lopez over a nifty Martin Pasko script from Detective Comics #459 (February 1976). Can you find..."A Clue Before Dying!"?


  1. I know I'm an old fogey but...
    Man, you got your money's worth back then! Comics have gotten so cinematic (as they say) that it's easy to forget they used to be dense with dialogue and narration like this, making it possible to tell a sharp little murder mystery in 12 pages and somehow still have room for something like that fantastic tenth page - packed with brilliantly staged action, and word-free except for some sound effects.
    And that was just the lead story!

  2. I love it when Batman gets to solve an honest to goodness mystery! There used to be so many of these back in the 70's.

    José Luis Garcia-Lopéz!
    THANK YOU,Mr Groove!
    From the seventies!The golden age of
    José Luis Garcia-Lopéz!
    Keep on truckin'!
    /Mr Anonymous
    p.s.Off topic;anyone knows what is happening over at Grantbridgestreet?
    I haven't heard from Mr Bloke in ages.

  4. Maybe Joe left the street and went on holiday with mrs Bloke?

  5. Joe's okay. He's got some new posts up. Go see!

  6. Joe's okay. He's got some new posts up. Go see!



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