Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Reads: "The Owl and the Pussycat!!" by Fite, Severin, and Mooney

Nope, Groove-ophiles, Ol' Groove's not gonna lay a Marvel adaptation of the kooky George Segal/Barbara Streisand comedy flick of the same name (if it existed, I would, you betcha!). No, this Linda Fite/Marie Severin/Jim Mooney classic is the second Cat adventure from (derrr!) Beware the Claws of the Cat #2 (October 1972). Where'd the funky title come from then, you ask? In "The Owl and the Pussycat!!" Greer (the Cat) Nelson battles Daredevil's old sparring partner the Owl, natch. What else would you call this tantalizing tale, baby?
Cover by John Romita


  1. I loved this wayyy to short series. Marie did a great job & that Romita cover ain't too shamby either! MMMeeeeeeeeoowwww!!

  2. A sadly neglected Marvel super heroine. The first issue with pencils by Wally Woody and John Severin inks was one of the coolest comic books ever.

  3. I remember picking up this issue, and Night Nurse, at the same time. Two series that ended too soon.

  4. Thanks for posting this - I've always been intrigued by this short-lived series, and would love a reprint collection.
    By the way, Bill, I believe it was Marie and not John Severin who did the art on that first issue with Wood (as in this issue with Mooney). That's another thing that makes this series so cool for me: that fact that the creative team was led by two women (Fite & Severin).

  5. Your correct Edo, it was indeed drawn by Marie Severin. I remember that & also Marie told me over the phone. It was one of her favorite books/characters to draw.

  6. I loved The Cat ( especially that supercool Marie / Woody 1st issue ) and remember being really disappointed when they turned her into the far less fun Tigra. As as for that pain in the arse Hellcat, get your own costume dammit!

  7. Ya, I was disappointed they got rid of the Cool Cat. Even if I liked Tigra too, I wish Tigra had just been a totally different character.

  8. In the b/w UK reprints, on the covers at least, Greer's colours were green (for the bodysuit) with blue accessories. That's why it just struck me: Wolverine is a transgendered version of The Cat.



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