Friday, November 4, 2011

Famous First Fridays: Skeates, Aparo, and Giordano's Aquaman Debut

For decades, DC Comics has been trying to figure out how to make Aquaman cool. Dunno what their problem is (I'm talkin' to ya, DCnU). Way back in May, 1968, the uber-team known as S.A.G. (writer Steve Skeates, artist Jim Aparo, and editor Dick Giordano), recently transplanted from Charlton Comics, hit the ground running with Aquaman #40's "Sorcerers of the Sea"!

For 17 issues, S.A.G. turned out some of the coolest and most innovative comics on DC's publishing schedule (read all about the behind-the-scenes in this fabamundo interview with Steve Skeates over at the awesome Aquaman Shrine). They made Aquaman a top seller  for a good part of two years. There's your template, DC. Are ya ever gonna use it?


  1. Hey Groovster
    Maybe you should start the Swinging 60's website or weekends. Ya Baby! Ya! Gotta love Jim Aparo! Love seeing the old DC ads also.

  2. DC Responds! #1: "So, are you saying we should kill off more characters? Or rape more?"

    DC Responds! #2: "Ha ha, silly little man! That was a success!! We don't want that! The future is in exploiting deliberate failure. You obviously don't understand how business works."

  3. One of my all time favorite comics! Thanks for posting GA.

  4. I always liked this serial. It kind'a reminds me of what Korak went through a few years later with Meriem (Is DC EVER gonna save her? LOL).

    Thank you for posting this! :)

  5. Quite a bit late, but Thanks for posting this and the link to the Skeates interview! Keep up the good work, Groove!



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