Friday, November 11, 2011

Making a Splash: Marvel's First Defenders

Marvel's Defenders are making yet another return to comics, so Ol' Groove thought it might be fun to take a look at the original group (including their prototype, Titans Three) in some of their most far-out splash pages. Subby, Green-Skin, Doc, Surfer, Sal, Ross, and Jim--take it away!


    Hey Groovster u just made my day! I loved the Defenders especially the issues of Subby. Loved Sal's Defender's those Gil Kane/Bill Everett inkedMF cover/s? The first 60 odd issues of this series were great. It's too bad atleast to me after around #79 the quality of the book really took a nose dive.

    Their was so many great issues, artists, writers, characters & villians! It's almost impossible to pick a top 10 favorite. I'd definetely have to say Subby #34 &#35 are the top two though. Loved the Subby battle armor, Powerman as a member. Nighthawk's new inproved costume. Klaus Janson's inks on Sal's great pencils. Keith Giffen's too short arc on the Defenders.

    The Avengers vs Defenders battle arc. I hope we get to see a Defenders movie too in the next 5 years. Keep up the great job Groovster! Love to see more on Powerman, Subby's book & of course alot more Defenders!

  2. Fergit that new version! Let's have more of the Defenders Masterworks series!!

  3. I love the post but The Secret Defenders never get any love.

  4. Happy days! The introduction and development of Valkyrie was one of my favourite Seventies threads. And whatever happened to Jack Norris, unfortunate husband of her human host Barbara? Talk abut love triangles.

    The title lettering for #34 Is awful ... No way Artie Simek did that!

    Cheers for a lovely reason to reminisce.



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