Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Team-Up: "Gorilla My Dreams!" by Skeates, Estrada, and Wood

Hawkman! The Flash! Gorilla Grodd! Hawkgirl! Black Canary! Steve Skeates! Ric Estrada! Wally Wood! Frank Brunner! Put 'em all together and you get one ca-razee comicbook! How do you describe a story like Super-Team Family #3's (November 1975) "Gorilla My Dreams!"? You don't. There are no words. You just have to experience it...

They should make this story into a movie (or at least a cartoon). And Steve Skeates should be back writing mainstream comics. 'Nuff Said!


  1. Despite the art, I didn't really care for the plot when I first read this fresh off the comics rack---but I was (and still am) amused at the punny titles of each chapter. Thanks for brighening a gray Tuesday, Groove!

  2. Is that Green Arrow/Aquaman story referred to on the cover the one where they trade places??

  3. wow thanks for posting this. I don't remember this story.



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