Friday, January 20, 2012

Making a Splash: Kamandi Part One by Kirby and Royer

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Over in the DotGK Facebook group (click the link to the right and join, ya silly!), Groove-ophile Reuben P. suggested a gallery of Kirby Kamandi splashes. Well, Ol' Groove thought that was a capital idea so here's the first in a series!

Yeah, a series! Kirby did so many splashes (and double-pages splashes) during his 40 ish run that there's no way to fit 'em into just one post. So today we're doing the single-page splashes from the beginning (Kamandi #1, July 1972) to the end of Mike Royer's run as inker (Kamandi #16, January 1974)--which was co-inked by the incoming D. Bruce Berry.

We'll be Kamandi-ing this space quite often, baby, so keep your eyes peeled for splashes from issues 17-40--not to mention the double page splashes! Enjoy!


  1. I can remember how much fun these used to be when I was a ten-year-old buying them up at the corner store. They're still fun nearly forty years later (WOW!). I would have loved to seen where Kirby might have taken this if he'd had more time.


  2. Wow! Groovster you really out did yourself today! I remember these splashes like it was only yesterday! Not almost 40 years ago! Sigh! I used to go nuts every month as a kid waiting for the newest epic Kirby tale. As well as getting my Spider-Man & new X-Men addiction filled.Those were great days/years to be a kid/teen!

    I almost bought the original art to the first issue of Kamandi. As well as to the Eternals #2, I got too late to the seller Mike Royer. Then got out bid on the Eternals #2 complete story! Sigh! I loved Kirby's Eternals & Machine Man as well. To me those were his last two great creations he ever did.

  3. Like Darpy reports, Kamandi was big fun for me as a kid, but I stumbled across back issues here and there. My first issue was #26 (tigers on a combine chasing Kamandi), found at a flea market. It was a double-paged splash (I'm anxious to see that post, Groove!) and it blew my mind.
    My second issued acquired was the Giant No. 32 and that was even more exciting and adventure-filled. Kirby was the beast, er - BEST!

    1. I can't believe that that was my first Kamandi too!

  4. The bust of Nixon was fairly terrifying........

  5. Kamandi is as great a creation as any in the History of comicdom. If there was a comic book character hall of fame he'd be right up there with the FF and the HULK in my opinion.

  6. Thanks for this post! Loved the Kamandi reprints Marvel did recently and I loved the title as a little kid.

  7. Kamandi was my introduction to The King and remains a favorite.

  8. Wow...thanks for posting these. Kirby is the King....!

  9. fantastic, i gotta crack my Kamandi Omnibus and start reading......... the only Kamandi i had as a kid was the Orca issue with the Red Baron..........i loved that story when i was little!

  10. Wow, can you show us some of the full story's because I can't get enough of kirby!



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