Friday, June 29, 2012

Making a Splash: John Byrne's Avengers--the Fill-in Issues

Waaaaaaay back in November of 2010, Ol' Groove posted the splashes from John Byrne's Groovy Age run on the Avengers (issues 181-191). When I posted 'em, I promised to share the splashes from his legendary fill-in run on Avengers 164-166. Well, it's the future, and here they are! Words by Jim Shooter, inks by Pablo Marcos!

To say that we went ga-ga over Shooter and Byrne's Nefaria Trilogy would be like saying Farrah Fawcett was kinda cute. Byrne's art was awe-inspiring. So awe-inspiring that Ol' Groove can't bring himself to stick with only the splashes. Plant your peepers on these pulse-pounding final pages from 164-165!

Can you say, "WOW!!"? I knew you could!


  1. Yes,Mr Groove;
    Thank you for sharing.
    /Mr Anonymous

  2. John Byrne was at the "top of his game" during this time period.His Avengers & X-Men work was so clean ,crisp & dynamic; fans bought any book he was illustrating, whether it was Iron Fist,Marvel Team-up or Capt.America. Nice work!

  3. Thanks, great stuff, some of my favorite Avengers issues of the 70s. FWIW, these stories will be reprinted in a nice, hardcover format this Fall, plan to pick it up:

  4. These three issues are some of my favourite comics of all time. Simply brilliant.



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