Friday, June 15, 2012

Weird Worlds Week! Byrne-ing to Read: "Hidden Empire!" by Gill and Byrne

All aboard, Groove-ophiles! We setting sail to our last destination for Weird Worlds Week, and this time we're headed not only to the future, but far beneath the South China Sea to the..."Hidden Empire!" This science fantasy classic comes to us via Charlton's Doomsday +1 #4 (October 1975). Written by Joe Gill, re-written, drawn, and partially inked by John Byrne (with more inks by a bevy of buddies as evidenced by the "Byrne Robotics" byline), Ol' Groove thinks this Boyd/Jill/Ikei/Kuno adventure is a great way to wrap up WWW week, don't you?

What? You were expecting maybe another Iron Wolf or Warriors of the Shadow Realm? Awww, you know Ol' Groove isn't that logical--though those classics will show up here one'a these fine days. And ya know, we've barely begun exploring the Weird Worlds of the Groovy Age. Suggestions for another weeks worth, Groove-ophiles?


  1. Thank you,Mr Groove,for an entertainingly weird week!
    /Mr Anonymous

  2. Used to pick-up any comic that a young John Byrne drew, his style was dynamic! I would love to see Byrne tackle Doomsday+1 today! I wonder who owns the license nowadays?

  3. This issue benefited a lot from the higher-quality Fantagraphics reprint, when we finally got to see the fish-men's sinister, shark-like teeth (previously obscured by muddy printing).

  4. to think john byrne started out drawing this



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