Friday, August 16, 2013

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Gold Key's Lone Ranger

Ya know, Groove-ophiles, when I was a Li'l Groove, Gold Key/Western Publishing's painted covers really turned me off. They looked like magazines, not comicbooks, ya know? Now, by the time I hit my teens, painted covers (and comics) were lookin' pretty far out to me, but in between there was one title that I rather dug the painted covers on: The Lone Ranger. For some reason, painted covers seemed natural for Kemosabe. Maybe it was because guys like Ernest Nordli, Hank Hartman, and Don Spaulding did such a cool, cool job of making the Lone Ranger, Silver, Tonto and the Old West look real...


  1. "See the Lone Ranger UNMASKED!"

    See, I never really understood why he was masked in the first place. When his origin is told, it usually seems to end up that his family is dead and he himself is thought dead. The Wild West being what it was, did it really matter if he wore the mask or not? It only caused misunderstandings.

  2. The third cover down, the one that says "The Haunted Mine" on it: that looks like Robert Mitchum lurking menacingly.

    David Simpson

  3. Wonderful! Thanks so much -- one of my favorites. If you don't mind -- I'd like to plug a review I did of the new Lone Ranger film, which some might find interesting. It's here:

    Thanks -- and more groovy age westerns, please!

  4. The effect with the two points of light for his eyes is marvelous! Thanks for these! (And I also felt the same way about those painted Gold Key covers. I think I only ever bought two Gold Key comic issues, one of Star Trek and one Magnus.)



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