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Groove's Faves: Marvel Treasury Edition #7 featuring the Mighty Avengers

Happy birthday to moi, happy birthday to meeeeeeeee! Yeah, Ol' Groove's gettin' older today, hitting the big five-oh, just like my all-time faves, the Mighty Avengers! (Okay, they're not turning fifty today, but they did this year, so ya know what I mean!) Yeah, this creaky old bod might have a half-century's worth of mileage on it, but at heart, I'm still Young Groove, diggin' on all things comicbook, and especially Marvel's Mightiest Heroes. What better way to celebrate my big birthday than to go back to my twelfth birthday when I got the coolest, biggest, mightiest Avengers present of all--Marvel Treasury Edition #7?

I remember finding that one, lone copy of MTE #7 at the Rite-Aid drug store in nearby Corbin, KY, the day before my birthday in 1975. There was no way, I mean NO WAY I was leaving that store without it. I had twenty-birthday bucks burning a hole in my pocket, so bye-bye buck fifty (plus nine cents tax), hello tabloid-sized John Buscema art! (Complete with poster-sized Jack Kirby covers. Wonder why Big John didn't draw the covers?)

Two of the stories presented between those cardstock covers were brand new to Young Groove, the other two were old faves, but looking soooooooo much more spectacular in that tabloid size.

First up was "Death Calls for the Arch-Heroes!" from Avengers #52. I'd never read this classic in which the Black Panther joined the Earth's Mightiest Heroes--after being set up for murdering Goliath, Hawkeye, and the Wasp by The Grim Reaper (in his debut appearance, no less).

"Behold the Vision!" from Avengers #57 was also a newie for yers trooly. For a time, Vizh was probably my favorite Assembler, so finally getting to read his debut/origin story was worth the whole dollar-fifty (plus tax) in itself!

Avengers #60, in which "Til Death Do Us Part!" was originally published, was the oldest issue of Avengers in my collection at that time. I'd read my copy til it was literally falling apart, so I was tickled to get to read it in the majestic tabloid size. Man, Big John B.'s full pager featuring all those Marvel heroes just chilling before Wasp and Yellowjacket's wedding was a sight to behold!

The final story in MTE #7, "Come On In...the Revolution's Fine!" from Avengers #83 was also a long-time part of my collection, but it was high on my list of all-time fave Avengers stories at that time (why not? In introduced Valkyrie and Big John was inked by Tom Palmer!). The double page splash featuring all of those lovely super-heroines was mind-boggling newspaper sized!

Great stories by Roy Thomas. Fab-a-mundo art by Big John Buscema, plus the Kirby covers and an "Avengers Assemble!" pin-up by John's younger brother and master-Avengers-artist-in-his-own-right Sal Buscema, made MTE #7 (and my twelfth birthday) super-duper special!


  1. A good reminder this of how Big John's art developed over the years he worked on The Avengers - from the clunkiness of the Panther in the first one to the sleekness of his work with Tom Palmer. And as good as The Vision debut issue was, I would have loved to have seen it inked by Palmer - no one gave that character the sheen that he did.

  2. I never owned this tabloid, but these issues were like Holy Writ to me.

    "The Avengers do not like the man -- but Janet Van Dyne loves him. And today, she will marry him. If she lives long enough…" That part has the unique rhythm of Chris Claremont's narration. And he would have been on staff then to do it, so it may well be him.

    The cover art is mostly by Kirby, but a few of the faces have been redrawn by John Romita. You know, in keeping with the Bullpen policy of the era which held that Jack Kirby didn't know how to draw Captain America or Thor (on the front cover) much less the Scarlet Witch (on the back cover) who, lest we forget, was also one of his creations...

    1. And one year later...I have this treasury and never picked up on that, nice one.

  3. Happy birthday, Groove!
    I can imagine what a treat this Treasury Edition must have been back then; I never had this one, but I recall how spellbound I was by the ones I did have.

  4. I still have my copy-
    I loved it then and I love it now. Great introduction to these stories.

  5. Thank you,Mr Groove,for sharing!
    Happy Birthday,Nestor Groove!
    Here's to the next fifty!
    /Mr Anonymous

  6. Happy Birthday Groove!
    Awesome pick this week, the comic that started it all for me. I was in the second grade at the time(or about to be in second grade), dad had stopped at the Swanton Pharmacy to pick up something, when I saw MTE#7 I thought it was a big coloring book and asked dad if I could get it. I was not very happy when I opened it up to see that ALL of the pages were already colored. I was stuck with it so..............I read it and when I ran into trouble with some of the big words I took it to mom or dad to learn. At one point Dad actually sat down and read some this comic with me not to or for me.....with me. He only did that with a few comics until he was satisfied they were ok for me to be reading. To this day MTE #7 remains one of my favorites. I still have what's left of that comic plus two more much better copies that I picked up over the years. Marvel Treasury Edition #7 has a special place in my memories.

  7. Great memories, sir, thanks for sharin'. I only picked this up last year. I do recall seeing this back in the day, but was disappointed with the Kirby covers as well. Imagine it Big John would have drew both front AND back.


    Anywho, I was a bit disappointed in the story selection. Unlike the earlier FF Treasury Edition with the Galactus trilogy inside, I would have preferred a straight contiguous 3-4 issue reprint, perhaps ish 57-58 (2-parter with entire Vish introduction to the team), then perhaps the Ultron 2-parter (ish 66-67) with the young Barry Smith..

    Except for the Vish intro, most of the included stories really weren't all that memorable.. Oh well.

    Blessings, sir.

  8. Happy Birthday, Groove! those Treasury's were custom-made for birthday boys! used to get mine at Kroger :)

  9. Hope you've had a great birthday, Groove! Those Marvel treasuries really were something special, weren't they? And this Avengers edition was definitely one of the best, in my opinion.

  10. Sorry I'm late to the party Groove! Happy 50th birthday! Hope you see 50 more!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.



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