Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: "Whence Stalked the Werewolf" by Brown and Garzon

HowOOOOOO's it hangin', Groove-ophiles! It's Wednesday, so how 'bout a wild-n-woolly werewolf tale to terrify ya? From Nightmare 1974 Yearbook (and originally published in Nightmare #5), here's "Whence Stalked the Werewolf" by Len Brown and Carlos Garzon!


  1. The first 6 issues of Nightmare and Psycho were great, employing such talents as Sutton, Palmer, Andru, Buckler, Vallejo, Reese, Wein and Wolfman. Then they abruptly went downhill with 3rd. rate artists from Spain and excessive violence. This story is from their good period, where they were rivaling Warren for quality. I don't know what Carlos Garzon was doing during the Groovy Age, as his art was rarely seen. This story makes me wish we'd had more output from him.

  2. I think Garzon assisted Al Williamson quite a bit.

  3. Garzon did a lot of work with Al Williamson on various projects, notably Star Wars. He did solo art on a very Williamson-like Flash Gordon series for Gold Key.

  4. Didn't know Carlos Garzon ...
    He surely draws better than Carlos Monzon.

    Stupidest Comment of the Year?



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