Friday, July 22, 2016

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Life's a Beach with Betty, Veronica, and Dan DeCarlo

Dig it, Groove-ophiles, Young/Teen Groove never got to go to the beach, but I spent a lot of time wishing I could go--mostly because of Dan DeCarlo's (aided and abetted at times by a variety of inkers) captivating Betty and Veronica beach covers! They were the closest I ever got to a beach back then--though Teen Groove did spend a lotta time at the public pool. Does that even count?

And for the record, Ol' Groove has been to several beaches post-Groovy Age. My first trip to a beach was to Cocoa Beach when I was on my honeymoon back in 1983. And yeah, I love the beach!


  1. I was a secret Archie reader, back in those days I would NEVER admit to liking them lol, but I loved the Madhouse digests they put out. Has any other comic company ever put out as many digests that Archie put out?

    1. I felt Archies and Harveys were beneath my comics collecting during its first run 1965 - 1977. But since my second run started 1986 I have embraced all comic genres including funny animal, westerns, Archie and all the wonderful Harvey titles I snubbed before.

  2. I've always loved Dan DeCarlo's art. Simply gorgeous.

  3. I read Archie before "graduating" to superheroes, though I don't think I ever got this particular comic. What a great idea for a post!

  4. I have to admit that sometimes I just want to pick up one of those thousand page collections and sit down and just read Archie stories. They are like sitcoms from the 70's, light popcorn fun. I prefer the artwork in the 60's.

    Rip Off



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