Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: John Byrne's Groovy Age Batman

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! A few years ago, author Jason Shayer of the awesome but sadly defunct DC Comics of the 1980s blog shared several Batman drawing by young John Byrne from the 1970s. I think these sensational sketches, which Byrne drew from 1972-1980, deserve to be seen again. Although Jocular John will probably cringe at seeing his old art dredged up once more, Ol' Groove finds the power, vigor, and enthusiasm Mr. Byrne put into these drawings simply irresistible! (Yeah, that's an 80s song, but what'cha gon' do?)

Oh, yeah, Young Byrne took a shot at the Joker, too! Wow!!

NOTE: Shayer's Marvel Comics of the 1980s blog is still going strong. Ol' Groove checks it out 'most every day, and you should, too!


  1. These are really great. Never seen them before. I always liked Byrne's Batman. But then I've always liked almost everything Byrne does.

  2. You can see, even at this early stage, the brilliance of the Byrne that was to come. I first caught it's glimpse in Rog-2000 and Doomsday + 1.



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