Thursday, April 6, 2017

Funny Stuff: "News Blues"

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Or perhaps Ol' Groove should say, "Ha, ha, ha!" Today we begin (why didn't I think of this before?) another new semi-regular department: "Funny Stuff!" We're gonna kick it off with a cute Little Audrey strip (writer? artist? Even GCD doesn't know.) from Playful Little Audrey #91 (July 1970). As a six-year-old, Li'l Groove could totally relate to this story (except for the getting out of school due to rain (actually, flooding)--didn't experience that until 1977): parents want to watch the news; missing a show because you had one TV (and no such thing as a VCR or DVR); a rainy day with nothing to do but read comicbooks (never a bad thing in my eyes). Can you imagine how confused kids today would be after reading "News Blues"? Now THAT'S funny!

And did Ol' Groove mention how much he loves dream sequences?


  1. I've come late to the Harvey parade, having decided it wasn't beneath me to collect kiddy comics as I had before (even we nerds can be snobs). Unfortunately, the company was defunct by the time I had my epiphany. Still I've enjoyed their panoply of unique titles through back issues. Little Audrey was one of their least neurotical characters, unconcerned as she was about dots and food. This little tale today showed all the charm and whimsy Harvey offered on a regular basis. Please continue to give us glimpses into the Harvey world, including Stumbo, Baby Huey, Casper, Hot Stuff, Little Lotta and the ubiquitous Richie Rich.

  2. Groove, I endorse the "funny" column! Funny, my folks at 81 years old, still watch the @#@% news every night at 10 PM. Great Lil Audrey story! Bring on the Sad Sack!!! Car Toons!!! Hot stuff!!! And don't forget the Archies!!!



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