Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: Original Howard Chaykin Art

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! It's been way to long since we last planted our peepers on some of Howard Chaykin's awesome artistry, so let's make up for lost time with a few samples of some of his far-out original art (which Ol' Groove has pinched from several sensational sites from around the 'Net)?
Inks by Bernie Wrightson

Inks by Tom Palmer

Yeah, Ol' Groove knew you'd dig it!


  1. Although I was initially disappointed that DC halted the ERB serials in Weird Worlds, I really did enjoy Chaykin's brief run with Iron Wolf.

  2. Interesting how unobtrusive and loose Wrightson's inks are. In that early period, Chaykin was very much in the same illustrative school as guys like Wrightson and Weiss. By the time he got to the Scorpion, Toth had altered his brain as dramatically as red kryptonite.

  3. That Scorpion cover was always a fav and I think the only Atlas comic still in my long boxes! Thanks for posting!

  4. Always a pleasure to encounter the work of the mighty Howard Victor Chaykin, Groove - thanks.
    Read Midight of the Soul recently, and he's better than ever! Can't wait for the new one - Divided States is sure to be a blast.
    (Thought that would make a pleasant change from complaining that modern comics are rubbish compared to the 70s:)


  5. Yeah!!!!Scorpion #1 cover.
    One of my all time favorite single issues of ant comic ever.

  6. Any idea on what Chaykin used to create his rough textures in many of his panels? (None displayed here.) Litho crayon? Most evident in Satellite Sam.



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