Friday, June 26, 2020

R.I.P. Joe Sinnott

Well, 2020 just keeps on taking. Yesterday the following announcement was made on Joe Sinnott's personal Facebook page. I'll run it here in its entirety: 

It with great sorrow that we must announce the passing of Joltin’ Joe Sinnott on June 25th at 8:40am at the age of 93. He went peacefully with the knowledge that his family, friends, and fans adored him. He enjoyed life and was drawing up until the end. He always loved hearing from all of you and having your comments read to him. Each and every one of you were special to him.

The Sinnott family requests their privacy and understanding during this difficult time. Please send condolences to:

The Sinnott Family
27 Spaulding Lane
Saugerties, NY 12477
Thank you again for being such loyal and dedicated fans and friends to Joe. He considered all fans friends, and seeing you at cons and reading your messages was what kept him young at heart.
RIP Joe Sinnott
October 16th, 1926 - June 25th, 2020

By all accounts, Mr. Sinnott lived a full life, beloved by most everyone he knew. He left a wonderful legacy as a human and as an artist. A man couldn't really ask for more than that, could he? I know his artistry charmed and amazed many of us for decades. Let's just sit back and enjoy some samples of that talent (from the Groovy Age, of course) in his memory...

Pencils by Rich Buckler

Captain America #110

Captain America #116

Captain America #141

Fantastic Four #66

Fantastic Four #112

Fantastic Four #150/Pencils by Rich Buckler

Fantastic Four #184

Fantastic Four #200

Fantastic Four #211

Marvel Feature #11

Marvel Two-In-One #2/Pencils by Gil Kane

Pep #268/Pencils by Al Hartley

Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch #4/Pencils by Stan Goldberg

Thor #191

Thor #227

Thor #265

Godspeed, Joltin' Joe!

Hey, Kids! Comics from 50 Years Ago!

June 23 & 25, 1970


  1. Nice tribute to Joltin'Joe. Great selection of art covering a wide range of pencillers. Joe Sinnott made everything look better. Also glad you included those samples from Joe's Archie work. I only learned of these last year after acquiring several issues of "Reggie and Me" in an auction lot. Thought the art looked noticeably sharp, and looked it up. Al Hartley pencils, with Joe Sinnott inks. Great stuff...

    1. Thanks for noticing the Archie pages, Redartz! I love the fact that Joe did work for my first favorite publisher! Couldn't resist sharing a couple of those pages!

  2. Fun stuff to look at today! I heard about Joe's passing a few days ago, and it struck me how he established a "look" for the Fantastic Four that lasted for decades. Just consider: he inked Kirby, Buscema, Buckler, Perez, Pollard, Byrne, and Sienkiewicz over 20 years. I will always consider him to be the ultimate FF artist. I also loved a lot of his Thor stuff, especially over Buscema and Ron Frenz. Gonna miss you, Joltin' Joe!


    1. You're right, John! Joe kept an artistic consistency going on the FF that helped it earn that "World's Greatest Comic" banner for many a year!



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