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Hey, Kids! Comics from 50 Years Ago!
July 7 & 9, 1970

Groovy Age Splash Page of the Week

Iron Man #119

Groovy Age Spotlight On... John Byrne's Avengers Fill-In Issues 164-166!

July 6th was John Byrne's birthday so let's celebrate, Groove-ophiles! While his Groovy Age work on X-Men, Marvel Team-Up, Iron Fist, Rog-200, Doomsday +1, Marvel Two-In-One, and Starlord is most celebrated, leave us not forget that he had a suh-weet run on Avengers (issues 181-191) that actually stemmed from a trio of far-out fill-in issues that he did on issues 164-166! Those three issues that ran from July-September 1977 absolutely rocked! Credit-where-credit's due: Jim Shooter turned out a whale of a storyline that allowed Byrne to strut his stuff (and regular inker Pablo Marcos gave Byrne's pencils a different, but cool, vibe than what we'd seen before) with some amazing action scenes against The Lethal Legion (Power Man, Living Laser, and Whirlwind) and a super-powered Count Nefaria (playing the part of Superman-gone-wrong). While we loved our regular penciler at the time, George Perez, methinks not too many fans were disappointed during this titanic trilogy of incredible fill-in issues! Dig this sampling of Ol' Groove's fave pages from each issue...and Happy Birthday, John Byrne!


  1. One thing I've noticed the last several weeks is that not all of the links to the covers work. Something that needs be worked on, effendi.

    1. Just one more wonderful side-effect of Blogger's "upgrades." Not much I can do except complain. Sigh... I think they're trying to kill us graphics-heavy bloggers off.



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