Friday, December 4, 2020

Ol' Groove's Still Making Comics With a Groovy (and Golden) Age Vibe!

Happy Holidays, Groove-ophiles!

Ol' Groove is happier than an elf with a brand-new set of toymaking tools! Why? 'Cause...

Diversions #3 is finally available in print and digital from IndyPlanet and in digital format from DriveThru Comics! The issue kicks off with the conclusion of an exciting NIGHT SPIDER mystery/adventure that has him fighting the diabolical duo of Megabyte and Googol! The art is, naturally, by JW Erwin (who also rocked the fab-a-mundo cover)!

In the middle of this mildly magnificent issue is a faux Golden Age adventure featuring THE BLACK ROSE! Our heroine must clear her name of a murder most foul in the David Vance illustrated Blue Moon Classic!

Batting clean-up is THE MIDNIGHT STRANGER! The Wraith of Wrath is back in action in a brand new tale of rigorous revenge! And best of all, artist Joe Koziarski is back for this one!

If you've never checked out an issue of Diversions, now would be a great time! Three issues are ready and raring to find your mailbox (and buying more books means savings on postage)! And if you have bought copies of Diversions, THANK YOU! Oh, and, ahem, they make superior stocking stuffers!

Hope you enjoyed this preview of my latest comic, Groove-ophiles! I'd love to hear from some of ya about what you think about what the Blue Moon gang and yers trooly are doing. It would send me over the (blue) moon if I could get enough feedback to start a liltin' letters page in Diversions

See ya next time with more stuff from the Good Ol' Groovy Age Days!


  1. I'm strictly a pre-1982 DC Comics kind of guy, but you sure have some impressive work here Groove! These pages are a lot of fun :)

    1. Thanks! Night Spider pretty much is the Bronze Age Batman, while Midnight Stranger is the Adventure Comics era Spectre. Black Rose was actually created for Big Bang in hopes of making her their Golden Age Black Canary. Since DC isn't Groovy Age anymore, we're trying to keep that spirit alive!

    2. Because pre 1982 DC was so good (rolling my eyes). I guess Crisis On Infinite Earths was inferior to Brother Power the Geek.

    3. To some people, that's probably absolutely true (this is a 70s-centric blog, after all :D). Different people liking different things is what makes the world more interesting. I can think of a lot of things from the 70s that I like way better than Crisis--but I can still love Crisis (well, like it... or tolerate props to Wolfman, Perez, Giordano, and Ordway for their awesome craftsmanship for sure!). ;D

    4. Pre-Crisis DC was a fabulous place with a unique identity. Post-Crisis, it became wannabe-Marvel.

  2. Great stuff Groove! Will order!:). Michael M:).

    1. Thanks so much, Michael! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!



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