Friday, November 27, 2020

Black (and White) Friday 2020

 What it is, Groove-ophiles! Black (and White) Friday is back! This time, Ol' Groove is gonna lay a ton of random original art (nabbed from all over the interwebs) on ya for your peepers to enjoy. Well, it's not exactly random--the following masterpieces are illustrated by Yers Trooly's most fav-o-rite Groovy Age artists! Can you identify 'em all?

Stay safe and don't shop too hard, Groove-ophiles! Pax!


  1. Whew, these pages are stunning--almost make me wish these awesome stories had been sold this way! Very impressive, thanks for sharing Groove!

  2. Very nice art indeed some stunning pages there. Not 100% on some of these although a lot are named , but I’ll make a guess on these.

    Jim Aparo
    Joe Staton
    Mike Kaluta
    Barry Smith
    Paul Gulacy
    Dave Cockrum
    Mike Ploog
    Mike Vosberg
    John Buscema
    Mike Grell
    Marshall Rogers
    Neal Adams (great page that)
    Jim Starlin
    Sal Buscema
    Rich Buckler
    Gil Kane
    Joe Rubenstein
    John Byrne
    Herb Trimpe
    Jim Byrne (not sure though)
    Berner Wrightson
    P Craig Russell
    Alex Nino
    Frank Brunner
    Keith Giffen
    Not sure Alfredo Alcala and Simonson?
    Howard Chaykin

    1. You got all but two, excellent job! On one you got the inker but not the penciler; on the other I am pretty sure the inker threw you off the identity of the penciler.

  3. That's better than I though and of course I meant John Byrne not Jim :) (if correct) I look forward to seeing the full correct list - On looking again I one of the ones I got wrong was the SHAZAM page (as it was signed I took the easy way out) and its Rubenstein on inks over Alan Weiss pencils?

  4. I knew you meant John, McScotty, ;D, but it's not Byrne pencils on that one--that's the one the inks are fooling you on. But now that's the ONLY one you're missing 'cause you figured out that Alan Weiss is, indeed, the penciler of the SHAZAM! page, while Rubenstein is, yep, the inker. You've worked to hard for me to reveal the penciler of that X-Men page--I have the feeling you're gonna get it. Hint: it's not from an ish of the regular X-Men mag...

  5. too hard, not to hard...need coffee...

  6. Ok just a guess but the second panel looks a wee bit like early George Perez ? Can't think of anyone else as it looks to me like Byrne so perhaps he or Terry Austin on inks ?

    1. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Way to hang in there, McSCOTTY!

  7. Lol cool I'm fair chuffed at that 😊



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