Friday, November 6, 2020

Happy Birthday, Jim Steranko!

 Thursday was the great Jim Steranko's 82nd birthday! His style, his innovations, his craftsmanship, his dedication to perfection in comicbook art has made his name synonymous with great comics art (and book cover art, and magazine layout, and...). He helped usher in the Groovy Age (with his work on Nick Fury in Strange Tales) and still wows us to this day. Happy birthday, Mr. S.! 


  1. Say it isn't so surely Mr Steranko, the coolest artist ever cannot be 82. Oh right I forgot I'm no longer 15 years old. Happy birthday to the legend .

  2. Whew--love all the artwork in b&w! Well I may have grown up a die-hard DC fan but of course any comic fan in the 1970s knew who Jim Steranko was! This guy was the definition of groovy comic art back in the day! Happy Birthday to a living legend!

  3. Love the awesome Steranko. His output still thrills across the ages. I'd place he, Jack Kirby and Neal Adams as the trinity of greatest artists in the medium. So glad I was able to meet him at the Summercon here in Washington state 2019. The man can talk. He loves his fans and has so many insights to share from his years in the business.



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