Friday, October 30, 2020

Super-Heroes vs. Monsters, Groovy Age Style!

 Happy Halloween, Groove-ophiles! Let's take a trip through the Groovy Age (well, 1972-1980 to be exact) and check out thirteen fearsome and far-out super-hero vs. monster covers (by the talents of titans Gil Kane, Nick Cardy, Joe Staton, Mike Grell, Rich Buckler, Dave Cockrum, and more). The twist, or theme within the theme, if you will, is that all of these classics hit the spinner racks in the month of October during that sensational and sparkling span! To make things even more interesting, it had to be straight-up super-heroes, not supernatural super-heroes (sorry Doc Strange et al), not monster super-heroes (looking at you Thing, Hulk, and company), but out-and-out long-underwear types (or, in Iron Man's case, long-armor?) vs. monsters! Aw, you don't wanna read the rules--you wanna look at the awesome covers! Onward!


  1. Dig those Batman covers!! My groovy age (for reading & collecting) was 1969-1981 and these DC books make my heart ache for that time again--love me some Mike Grell. Thanks Groove :)

  2. Replies
    1. That period in Cap's run was blessed by the exquisite Byrne/Rubinstein artwork.

  3. Love the Kane/Palmer covers that populated so much of the early 70s Marvel (as in the Daredevil cover shown here). Also, whose heart doesn't jump for joy whenever the original Cuti(RIP)/Staton E-Man makes an appearance?

  4. I love all these books, Groove! However, the storyline I just adored was the Avengers "Undead" one that carried over into Giant-size Avengers 3. Wow, I loved that one. The Stern/Byrne/Rubenstein Cap stories were some of the best stuff ever done with Cap.




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