Friday, November 13, 2020

Making a Splash: Thirteen from Thirteens

 Back in the Groovy Age, a comic getting a thirteenth issue was definitely not bad luck! To celebrate Friday the 13th in a most groovy way, let's plant our peepers on thirteen of Ol' Groove's fave 13th issue splashes...

Champions #13

Marvel Premiere #13

Warlock #13

Warlord #13


  1. These are great I MEAN GROOVY, had to take my time studying 'em all up close! As much as I dig Man-Bat, I gotta say... these darn Marvel pages are growing on me. I liked that dude's costume on the 'Dynamic Defenders' page. Maybe I shouldn't have been so anti-Marvel in my younger DC days... thanks for the look back Groove!

    1. Ha, I'm not a bit surprised that a DC guy like you is drawn to Nighthawk--after all, he is Marvel's answer to Batman! :D

  2. So many good ones! Conan and Batman Family and Black Panther stand outside for me:).

    1. I agree--I'm glad I have them all so I don't have to choose! My favorites change on a daily basis anyway, lol!

  3. What more could one ask for: Starlin on Warlock, Englehart/Brunner on Dr Strange, Thomas/Smith on Conan and MacGregor/Graham on Black Panther? Still Marvel's best period and a constant infusion of adrenaline for this then high schooler.



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