Saturday, April 18, 2009

Science Fiction Theater: Day of the Triffids Part 1

Welcome to a special two-part Science Fiction Theater, Groove-ophiles! Today we'll be looking at part one of Marvel's comicbook adaptation of John Wyndham's War of the Worlds inspired classic, Day of the Triffids. This part of the Gerry Conway-scribed adaptation appeared in Marvel Comics' Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #1 (October 1974), their shot at a quality, adult-oriented black and white sci fi comic mag. Although UWoSF was short lived (running only 6 issues through 1975, plus one special issue in 1976), it did produce several classic sci-fi adaptations like this one. Now,the reason I'm breaking Triffids up into two parts is because each part of it has a different artist, which would be like changing cast members and cinematographers in the middle of the flick. So dig into part one with art by Ross Andru and Ernie Chan (then known as "Chua") today, and come back next Saturday for the second part, illustrated by Rico Rival.

Til next Saturday, try not to tickle any Triffids!



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