Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Funnies: "Best Side Story" from Not Brand Echh #6

It's been a Marvel-ous weekend so far, so why stop now, right Groove-ophiles? It's time for another look at Marvel's superhero satire mag, Not Brand Echh! This time, Gary Friedrich and Tom Sutton not only skewer both Marvel and DC's superheroes, but poke fun at the classic film, West Side Story, as well! JUST IMAGINE! Wotta Woman as "Maria"! Dr. Deranged as "Tony"! The Marble Heroes as "the Jets"! The Echhs (aka Dee Cee) Heroes as "the Sharks"! Guest appearances by Leonardo Burnedstein and Wild An' Willy Shakespeare! All this and song parodies, too! From Not Brand Echh #6 (November 1967), here's the most hysterical comicbook musical ever..."Best Side Story!"


  1. I'd never seen this one before. And I really genuinely did laugh out loud.

  2. One of the best, in my opinion. It was reprinted in the comicbook version of Crazy circa 1972, btw.

  3. This comic was one of the few Marvels I ever bought, in like second grade as Stan Lee making fun of himself and his act seemed a natural progression, as the most human he ever got to me. I also as a kid wondered why Wonder Woman here seemed so Raquel Welch, brunette girl from planet of the apes here and in her real book was something of a plaster saint. I use this site as a comic book Alexandria, but am off to ebay.



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