Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: "An Ugly Mirror on Weirdworld"

Doug Moench and Mike Ploog's classic Weirdworld made its debut in, of all places, Marvel Super-Action #1 (October 1975). Actually used as filler when it was decided to drop the ads from MSA #1, the Tolkien-esque fantasy slowly took on a life of its own. It popped up in the color comic, Marvel Premiere #38 (July 1977), which you can read right here on Mighty Joe Bloke's Grantbridge Street blog. In 1978, Moench teamed with John Buscema, Rudy Nebres, and Peter Ledger to produce a three-part epic, "Warriors of the Shadow Realm" that was scheduled for Marvel Preview but finally appeared in Marvel Comics Super Special issues 11-13 (Spring-Fall 1979). Weirdworld also appeared in a few issues of Epic Illustrated (issues 9, 11-13) and Marvel Fanfare (issues 24-26) during the 1980s. Moench and his artistic cohorts always did a fine job with their tales of Tyndall and his friends, and it all started right here...


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful art from The Ploogmeister. This and the Marvel Premiere are perfect little gems. I think maybe Moench overreached the concept when he spun it out to the Warriors Of The Shadow Realm & Epic serials ( which as I said on my blog are flatulent nonsense. ) I was mildly into it up until that point.

  2. My Gosh! What a work of art that was. Beautiful stuff, just to think that was just a little story hidden in some forgotten old comic book. That's why the world needs people like you Groove to remind us of them..... Thanks



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