Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics April, 1972

Scope this stunning selection of sensational splashes showcasing magnificent Marvel from 37 years ago this month, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Fantastic selection. Esp the Buscema/Sinnott FF. I used to love Sinnott's inks of Buscema

  2. What a mix. Some dull, some practically iconic! I think I'd go with either TOMB OF DRACULA or MARVEL TEAM-UP as my favorite! Probably AVENGERS and Trimpe's Kirbyesque ANT-MAN as my least.

  3. Oh yeah! Now we're talking....

    Yep. 1972 was a memorable year in comics for me. That was the first year I really began to seriously keep track of my lil' collection and began to stack them neatly in my closet's corner. I remember Marvel's "boxed in" cover design that year, which I still love.

    Of the above books, I remember buying the Captain America, Iron Man, Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Feature w/Ant Man and Bill Everett's Sub-Mariner.

    The FF splash is gorgeous....the detail on the buildings in the background is pretty amazing....

  4. What comic is the Dr. Strange splash from?

  5. The Doc Strange splash is from Marvel Premiere no. 3 where Stephen Strange was temporarily housed before getting his own title back. Barry Smith only managed one issue ( not happy with Stan The Man, apparently ) but there was loads of good stuff ahead, courtesy of Englehart, Brunner, Colan etc.

  6. just months before I started to read myself. It is an odd mixed bag there, but tons of great 4 color reading for those of us inclined to like that sort of thing.

    Interesting to note the variety of draftsmanship available to Marvel at that time. Trimpe was channeling Kirby on those marvel features (the rather blocky jack abel inks didn't help) rather than doing his own thing. Please note the Everett/ramona fradon combination on subby! wow!

  7. Yep, the Doc Strange story is indeed from Marvel Premiere #3. Actually, though, Barry outlasted Stan on the strip, partially drawing the next issue (which was completed by Frank Brunner). Stan only intended to write the first story--and I bet his mind was blown by what BWS handed him to script!

    Don'tcha just love the good, old-fashioned Marvel-style camera angles used on some of those splashes? The DD and FF splashes really stand out to me. And the figurwork on the Subby and Red Wolf pages are absolutely magnificent.



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