Sunday, July 12, 2009

Addicted to Alex Nino Weekend Continues!

Wrapping up or Addicted to Alex Nino weekend, here's the artist's final Korak tale from Tarzan #234 (September 1974), "White Death" written by Robert Kanigher!

Okay, so that's not enough Nino for ya? Okay, then here's the bonus mystery shocker Ol' Groove promised ya! It's "Night of the Vengeful Corpse" written by George Kashdan (from DC Special Series #7, Summer 1977).

And if that's doesn't scratch your Alex Nino itch, check out all the groovy Nino posts on me mate Joe Bloke's blog! Oh, and keep checkin' back here, 'cause there's lots more Nino to come, Groove-ohiles! Pax!


  1. ahhhhh, that was nice. nothing like a whole load of alex nino to make a Joe happy. thanks.

  2. That's what I live for, Joe! Diggin' the dose of Kirby, Robbins, and DeZuniga over on Grantbridge Street, as well!



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