Friday, July 3, 2009

Famous First Fridays: Talkin' 'Bout the Top 50 Famous Firsts

Something a little different today, Groove-ophiles! Andrew Wahl, editor of the fabulous Comics Bronze Age has posted a new topic of discussion concerning the 50 most important books of the Bronze Age (1970-1984 by his reckoning). For his discussion, he listed his own top 50, then opened the floodgates for readers to comment on whether he was right or wrong in his picks. Andrew created a most excellent rule to keep things under control: the list stays at 50. So, if you thought a comic should have been added to the list, then you had to drop one of his picks.

Now, Ol' Groove loves to post and pontificate on what I feel to be the most significant mags of the Groovy Age (1967-1980) on most each and every Friday (duh!), so I felt compelled to add my voice to the discussion. Most of what Andrew has on his list I'm in agreement with--in fact, I've already covered many of them in depth here on DOtGK. In the end, I had 8 suggestions for adding and 8 for dropping, so we saw eye-to-eye on 42 of the 50 he listed.

Here's what I suggested Andrew add to his list:

Here's what I suggested be dropped from his list:

Nothing against any of those comics--I own 'em and love 'em, myself! It's just that I feel the others have more significance.

I still wonder, though. Was Ol' Groove off his rocker for suggesting that Andrew drop Avengers #93 from the list? Should each title of Kirby's Fourth World be represented? Should MGM's Marvelous Wizard of Oz replace Superman vs. Spider-Man for the sake of historical accuracy? Does Ol' Groove think way too much about comics? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Make sure you go to Comics Bronze Age and check out Andrew's list for yourself. Then jump into the discussion with your own ideas. Have a blast, Groove-ophiles!


  1. On a day like today when the rain messes up the satellite and all I want to do is light a tire fire in the back yard I can come to your site and look at all the pretty colours on the comic covers and everything is all right.

  2. That's my goal, Cal! Brightening days, stirring up good memories, making folks wanna read old comics--yep, Ol' Groove's definitely got an agenda!



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