Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: Captain Company Goodies from the Spirit #8

Jim Warren knew how to make great use of every page of his black and white magazines. Not only were the stories and art, letters pages, and editorial stuff worth reading and re-reading, but his Captain Company ads were filled with the stuff comicbook, sci-fi, and fantasy fans dream about and drool over! Here's a sample of what those awesome advertisements had to offer in the back of The Spirit #8 (cover-dated June 1975). I've actually still got some'a this stuff lying around my pad--how 'bout you, Groove-ophile?

(A special "thanks, man" to my pal Jazzy Jon "A" Gilbert for inspiring this post!)


  1. The ads were half the fun of Warren magazines, i know i ordered some Famous Monsters back issues but wanted everything in the ads. :)

  2. Boy does this bring back great memories! I loved the ads as much as the magazines! My first exposure to The Avenger, The Spider, The Shadow & Doc Savage! Loved those great pulp era heroes. Those beautiful painted covers were eye candy!Not to mention the great tales of suspense & adventure.Love to see those pulp hero novels posted here as well.

  3. I should've ordered that 6 foot tale Vampirella poster back in the day.

  4. More Warren ads in the offing, y'all!

    And Mike, I've been toying with doing more in-depth coverage of the 70s pulp reprints--not to mention the "modern" pulp-revival, Weird Heroes. I'd love to cover that ground! What says the rest of Groove-dom?

  5. I think I remember filling out that form all the way to the bottom once. But it was all back issues. Once it took more than a year to get my back issue, 1964 FMF Yearbook, I think. I thought I was swindled, then it came in a battered up taped up envelope that the post office obviously misplaced.



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