Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stan Lee on TV--Groovy Age Style!

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Hey, did'ja know that today marks the first anniversary of DotGK? Yep, one solid year of prosaic postings and muddled musings from Ol' Groove's pc to yours. Time sure flies, huh? Well, I gotta thank all my faithful Groove-ophiles out there for making this blog such a swinging success. Ol' Groove loves ya, baby! I shall endeavor to make our second year even more far-out, cool, and awesome, so you keep coming back--and tell all your friends!

What better way to start our second (or is it finish our first?) year than with taking a look back at some little-seen clips of none other than Smiling Stan Lee on the boob-tube? For alla you young whippersnappers out there who just know The Man as "the old dude on Who Wants to Be a Superhero?", well, prepare to be amazed! The Stan Lee of the late 1970s wasn't the sweet, funny, grandfatherly type you're used to seeing! Nope, this Stan was a suave, together, charming dude with a sparkling wit. Aw heck, I'll just say it: move over Fonzie, Stan was just plain c-o-o-l! Dig this 1977 clip from CBCtv (via YouTube)!

Here's another longer, even more informative clip (again from 1977) that shows that no matter how (understandably) amateurish the interviewer, Stan could take control of the mike and camera and give a great interview. Could Burt Reynolds have pulled this off? (Thanks to peterparker for posting this vid--and for the cool posters in the background!)

The one clip I haven't been able to find is the commercial Stan did in 1976 for Personna razors. (Anyone knowing of a clip, please e-mail a link or file to Ol' Groove!) I did, however, thanks to the Fake Stan Lee and Sparkling Scott Edelman, find the print version of the commercial (I remember this being in FOOM #17, by the by) along with the actual, hand-written Soapbox article Stan concocted to trumpet his commercial debut. I'll post the actual Bullpen Bulletins page (from X-Men #102, August 1976) with the published version of that Soapbox, just 'cause I have such a big heart!

There ya have it, gang! A glimpse at Hollywood's loss and comicdom's gain! Pax!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Loved the old TV Clips. I never even heard that Stan did a commercial. I did see him in the 70's on a kid show called Wonderama. He told how he made a fortune in comic books. My cousin told me that most of it must have come from me. Again, happy anniversary and here is to another year of informative comic entertainment.

  2. Hey True Believer!!
    Thanks for sharing these great videoes with us. I just recently saww the first one. But never seen the second college done one. Stan really carried the ball in that interview didn't he. Congradulations also on your 1st Anniversary!! Glad to find out I've only missed out on your first 8 months approx! So I was almost here since the begining! I love your site! I hope you much more success & it runs for many more years!!If not decades!! Make Mine Groovie!! Nuff Said! Excelsior!!Mike"The Marvel" Mikulovsky

  3. Happy first anniversary and thanks for all the groovy posts.

  4. Thanx, m'friends! I love doing this blog, and I love that you love me doing this blog--so I do believe I'll keep on doin' this blog! :D

  5. WTF?!!! I don't pop in for a couple of days, and you go and have an anniversary without me?!!! that's just not right, man!


    happy anniversary, fella. looking forward to a whole 'nother year of proper groovage!



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