Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Joe Kubert Covers Pulp Heroes, Kirby, Batman, and More

Yesterday was the amazing Joe Kubert's birthday. We might be a day late to the party, but it's never too late to dig on these far-out DC covers!


  1. Groove:

    Never been a big fan of Kubert's covers. His composition is nice, but I don't find his rendering style works all that well with large single images. Kubert greatest strength, in my opinion, is his page design/storytelling, and his rendering has a sense of motion that helps make his interior work flow like butter.


  2. Different strokes and all, Andrew. I agree that Kubert's interiors are his strength, but his covers sold bajillions of comics over the decades.

  3. While I genreally agree that cover composition isn't usually his strong suit, Kubert's Justice Inc. #1, not shown here, is one of the best covers of all time.

  4. I agree along the lines that Kubert's best stuff was non-superhero and interiors, but his Sgt Rock stuff was awesome. I never read DC war comics - we had plenty over here in the UK with Charley's War (a classic - if you read the Titan Books reprints, you won't be disappointed: Pat Mills and the underrated Joe Colquhoun) & Johnny Red in the classic Battle. I remember buying that Batman-Gentleman Ghost issue from the post office in the next village.

  5. Not too crazy for any of these covers except Klaw 12 which I've never seen before. Thanks for posting this!

    I agree his best covers were the war genre.

    Pete Woodster, I love Charley's War. I have the two Titan reprints, but am considering the latest reprint series.



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