Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making A Splash: The Avengers by George Perez (Part 1)

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! I've been thinking about my favorite super-team, the Mighty Avengers, lately. During the Groovy Age, the Awesome Assemblers' mag was Young Groove's favorite comic--bar none, and that's a fact. One of the most exciting Avengers eras was when an up-and-coming new artist named George Perez took over the artistic reins. Perez's hip, hyper-detailed art was electrifying. It's no wonder the Pace-Setter quickly shot to super-stardom. Just dig these far-out splashes from Perez's first Avengers run (issues 141-151, August 1975-July 1976--minus issues 145-146 which were fill-ins by other artists, don'tcha know).


  1. Hey Groovy one!
    Man those were the days! I had a three way tie between my favorite team books back then. The Avengers, FF, & the Uncanny X-Men!! They were all so great, especially the art. I love Perez's run on FF & the Avengers equally. I loved the Beast & Wonderman, & his Captain America best.

    The western story line & the new line up in issue#150 were classics. His Marvel two in ones were great also! The first story I ever saw him draw was in DH of Kung Fu magazine. I loved his White Tiger. I was royally pissed when Marvel had him gunned down!!

  2. I'll have to do a post on Perez's FF, Mike! Those were some goodies, with Roy Thomas and Len Wein at the writing helm!



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