Monday, September 7, 2009

Groove's Faves: Adventure Comics #436

Once more Ol' Groove's gonna dip deep down into his seemingly endless supply of far-out funny books and pull out another all-time fave. This one came out in August of 1974, but I didn't pull it off the spinner rack and plunk down my 20 cents (plus tax) for it until--yep!--Labor Day, 1974! T'was a rainy day in Harlan County; a perfect day for poring over a magnificent mag, indeed. And a more magnificent mag than Adventure Comics #436 you'd be hard-pressed to find! One of the things editor Joe Orlando was so fab at was putting together lead and back-up features that were very different from each other but still complimented one another so that the reader felt that he was getting a total package. His money's worth. The real deal! Adventure 436 is a perfect example of Joe's editing style. First, he pits the ghostly Spectre against a villain so vile and putrid you can't wait to find out what horrifying method the Spirit of Vengeance is gonna use to lay the everlasting smack-down on him. Dig it, baby! Here's Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo's "The Gasmen and...the Spectre!"

Don't that make ya wanna stay on the straight and narrow, Groove-ophile? Brrrrrr!! Or should I say, "NGYAAAARRGHHH!"? Needless to say, that story freaked Young Groove out--in a good way, natch! After that soggy spook fest, though, a little light underwater science fantasy is in order, don'tcha think? So here comes a far-out Aquaman adventure--"The King Is Dead; Long Live the King!" by Steve Skeates and Mike Grell.

Hope you're having a great holiday, Groove-ophiles! Don't burn the burgers! Pax!!


  1. What a way to go!! BBUURRPP! Hey thanks for the post. I forgot how much I miss Jim Apario's art. I really loved the Spectre back then & Weird Adventure Comics! I can't remember, how could Jim Corrigan take his human form once again? Was he just a illuslion? Was this version a updated version? Or was he still the same cop murdered by the Mob in the 20's/30's? I always loved the Spectre, I hope WB makes a movie on him soon. To bad they never made it into a movie in the 70's. Clint Eastwood would've been a excellent choice to play Jim & the Spectre! Let's hope WP does a Spectre animated feature on DVD. Based off Jim Apario's version. Keep the gems coming Groovy one! How about a Secret Origins, featuring the Spectre, Captain Marvel, etc.

  2. You asked for it, you got it, Mike! The Secret Origin of the Spectre (by Fleisher and Aparo, natch) is scheduled to appear during next month's Halloween Countdown!

  3. Funny, as a kid I was never really into Aparo since I was mostly a Marvel junkie but I really grew to love him as I got older and understood just what a great draftsman he was.

  4. Hey Groovy one!
    Do me a big favor, please send me a e-mail. I've tried several times to send you a e-mail. But none go through. Michael Mikulovsky aka Michael Parker You can reach me at

  5. Anyone else getting a Neal Adams vibe from that Spectre story? I mean that in a completely positive way.



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