Monday, December 3, 2012

Secret Origins: "The Origin of the Spirit" by Will Eisner

My hands-down most favorite b&w mag back in the Groovy Age was without a doubt Will Eisner's The Spirit published by Warren. Black and white reprints of some of the greatest Golden Age comics of all time (I'd read about the strip in my copy of Jules Feiffer's Great Comic Book Heroes, but it took the Warren mag to prove how great Eisner's strip truly was), plus (in many issues) a full-color strip in the middle. It was like no other comic mag on the stands, and Denny Colt was unlike any other "super" hero I'd ever read. I had never seen the origin of The Spirit until Warren's Spirit #10 (August 1975), but there it was--in full painted color! (Rich Corben colors? I dunno.) I'd later learn that this wasn't a Golden Age offering, but a reprint from Harvey Comics' 1966 Spirit revival. No matter where or when it came from, it's still my fave version of How The Spirit Came To Be...


  1. The Spirit Rocks! You can easily see where Mike Ploog got his art style from! None other then his mentor the late great Will Eisner!

  2. Way cool! Yeah for some reason the Spirit looked real good in a Warren mag. It sorta feels like you're watching a Humphrey Bogart movie at 3 am or something...



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