Friday, December 7, 2012

Making a Splash: Gil Kane Team-Up

Gil Kane drew several early issues of Marvel Team-Up (4-6, 13, 14, 16-19, and 23), and man, were they far out! Some starred Spidey and the Human Torch, some starred Spidey and someone else, some starred the Torch and someone else--but they were all something else! The splashes tell the tale...


  1. What or who couldn't Gil Kane drawn beautifully. Everything this man drew looked so realistic to me. I loved his realistic human anatomy. He made them all look the way they would look if they were real flesh & blood. like peak olmpic athletes!Everything he drew I was stunned by! I just wish he could had stayed on Warlock's first series. As well on FF, Spider-Man & a Morbius series!!

    Did he ever draw the Silver Surfer? I'm sure he did a GS defenders cover with the Surfer. But imagine if he had drawn the SS series instead of it being cancelled in 70. you need a Totally Awesome button to check off Groovster!

  2. Wow... Gil Kane illustrating Spider-man (MTU) is so sweet! Loved everything he drew. Kane on a Silver Surfer title would have been great. He'll always be missed.

  3. I much prefer Kane's work on Spidey to Ross Andru's.

    What surprises me more is that Len Wein was scripting these MARVEL TEAM-UP at the same time he was writing SWAMP THING for DC. I didn't know that writers could work simultaneously for competitor comics companies back then (in 1973).

    Chris A.

  4. GIL KANE,certainly among the top five artist ever to lay pen to the comic industry.Some of my most cherished MARVEL moments were illustrated by this phenomenal craftsman.Up the nose shots,multiple bodies scattered from a single mighty blow,SPIDEYS classic rooftop battles with DR.OCTOPUS,NAMOR and HULK vs. THE AVENGERS,I could go on for hours.Keep'em comin' GROOVE,You'll get no complaint from me.

  5. I sure wish Stan didn't keep him as his main cover guy. Kane said in an interview. That he wished he had stuck with one character more rather than jump around. And that he is mainly know for Green Lantern.



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