Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas 2012! "Silent Night, Deadly Night!" by O'Neil, Novick, and Giordano

Merry Christmas, Groove-ophiles! Today's Christmas classic features The Batman in all his Groovy Age glory, with a Neal Adams/Dick Giordano cover, a Denny O'Neil Story, and Irv Novick/Giordano art! It's The Batman, Santa, a snowstorm, a toy maker, a reformed crook, an innocent child...and a Christmas miracle. They don't make 'em like this any more! From Batman #239 (December 1971), it's "Silent Night, Deadly Night!"


  1. To the Batsled!!LOL Awesome story from my childhood. Can't believe it's been 41 years!! I was 10 when I bought this mag off the rack! Sigh!

  2. I read this story several years later in one of those DC Treasury editions (must have been a Christmas-themed publication). That edition didn't reprint the cover . . . and that's a strange cover. Batman's showing up at the family's door with a "Deadly Night" for a "Christmas present"? Uh . . .

    1. You read the cover wrong.

      Read the story again.

      Oh yeah, here's the Limited Collectors Edition that reprinted this story:


  3. I sure miss this Batman. Yes, he was 'dark' and all that -- but he wasn't the dour, pretentious, psycho we seem to have now. Batman sparing a thought for Xmas is unthinkable now -- what the hell have we done to him (and ourselves?).

  4. This was the first comc book Christmas story I remember reading. Our babysitter had it in a box of comics at their house. I remember reading it many times before the bus came to pick us up. When we moved a few years later they gave that box of comics, still have most of them but not this one.



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